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Physical Fitness and Physical Wellness

Welcome to Physical Fitness & Physical Wellness, a web resource that helps you to increase your physical fitness and physical wellness through key information, to keep control on the most important parts of our life. We invite you to discover the sections of the website: Exercise, Sport and Gym, Physical Wellness, Bath and Spa, Fitness and Wellness Tips, Relaxation and Balance, Physical Energy, Physical Fitness (Machines, Trainers, etc.) and Yoga Types & Positions.


Physical Fitness (Machines, Trainers, etc.)

Stay young with sports

Forget plastic surgery, miracle pills and other al [ ... ]

Cardio Belly Dance, a Physical Activity to Discover!

Practicing belly dancing as exercise, would you ha [ ... ]

Workout and Fun with JUKARI

Remember the feeling of extreme joy you felt when, [ ... ]

Physical Wellness

Discover the Benefits of Good Breathing

What could be natural than breathing, you might as [ ... ]

How to Maximize Results from a VelaShape Treatment

The VelaShape treatment is more effective if the c [ ... ]

The Trager® method

"The work of Milton Trager is beneficial for anyon [ ... ]

Exercise, Sport and Gym

Enjoy your favorite winter sports!

Are you prepared physically? Do you have the right [ ... ]

9 Reasons to Exercise More and Increase your Physical Activity

If we could transform the benefits of physical act [ ... ]

Exercises for Parent and Child

Playing sports is essential for maintaining good h [ ... ]

Fitness and Wellness Tips

Two Suggestions for your Summer Recreation

If you lack the inspiration to practice outdoors d [ ... ]

Dress to enjoy the winter

There is no bad weather in winter, there are only  [ ... ]

Biodanza: to enjoy life!

‘Bio’ refers to life, and ‘danza’, to an e [ ... ]

Bath and Spa

A Spa in your Bathtub

You do not have time or money to go to a health ce [ ... ]

Recipes for Home Bath

Did you know that your pantry and your refrigerato [ ... ]

Spa Destination

Do not hesitate... Change your life for the better [ ... ]

Yoga Types & Positions

Yoga retreat in an ashram

It is good to cleanse your "inner ecology" by driv [ ... ]

How to Practice Ayurveda at Home?

You can learn this science now. Experts advise you [ ... ]

Yoga to Cure Insomnia

Insomnia is a symptom that causes many complicatio [ ... ]

Relaxation and Balance

Meditation, a Wellness Tool

Faced with the hectic pace of everyday life and a  [ ... ]

Different Approaches to Meditation

Concentration meditation Main features: This form [ ... ]

Different types of massages

"The road to health is a scented bath and massage  [ ... ]

Physical Energy

Boost your energy flow

Acupuncture and massage For Chinese, the disease  [ ... ]

6 Simple Ways to Boost your Metabolism

"My metabolism is too slow!” Does this phrase s [ ... ]

Get balance with Qigong

According to Chinese Taoist thought, all the pheno [ ... ]


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